BOLD Favor Magazine – Fall 2018 – Cover: The Duncans!

BFM fall 2018

BOLD Favor Magazine – Fall 2018 – Cover: The Duncans!

In this issue of BOLD Favor, we’ve FALLen in LOVE with the Duncans!  A love story so rich, literally hundreds of thousands of people have looked to this couple who’ve overcome fame, blended family drama, careers, and friend-envy to forge an incredible bond.

Kevin Davenport and Joshua Encarnacion are our CHROME Spotlights, each showing how they turned their humble beginnings into testaments of the human spirit – and service to others.

Not sure when to leave a date?  Our Love Mama shows you when to throw up the SOS signal!

Loss can take us down and out – that’s why our EIC has some advice on how to get back to center after losing a loved one.

A power-struggle for the ages:  Boomers v. Millennials… in the Church!

Email blues got you down?  No worry, this issue will show you how to send emails to get what you want – now!

And more – check it out!

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Lynita Mitchell Blackwel

There's no time for imitation of some other person's brand, style, or swag. I've been in the making 42 years and my clients reap the benefits of all my experiences - the good, bad, and... Brilliantly BOLD! --Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, The Leadership Champion

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