A clean slate for the new year – that’s what we’re giving you in this issue of BOLD Favor Magazine.

We are survivors, thrivers, overcomes, and we’re not settling for anything less than excellence in our lives anymore!

This issue is dedicated to the men and women who have broken through the situations, people, and bad memories that USED to hold them back.

Want more fulfilling relationships? We’re got you covered.

Want more clients and customers for your business? We’ve got that, too.

Need clear direction, inspiration, motivation to sustain you? We’ve got your back!

Check it out!

Link to view and purchase the digital:  http://bit.ly/boldfavorwinter2019

Author Info

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell loves striking the match to light people's passion on fire to live in their purpose and prosper! Known as the Leadership Champion, Lynita shares her experiences as attorney, CPA, #1 bestselling author, highly sought after motivational speaker, award-winning publisher, agent, producer, and certified Christian life coach to push people to success and prosperity.

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