Our BOLD World!

bold favor magazine

BOLD Favor – the Leadership Lifestyle Magazine.  Founded March 2014, this quarterly publication focuses on entrepreneurs and small businesses.  This magazine highlights BOLD people, organizations and causes that inspire us to live fearlessly.  #TheFutureFavorsTheBOLD #BeFearless

BOLD AGELESS BEAUTY – the 40+ Lifestyle Magazine.  Founded July 2015 as a collaboration between BOLD Favor and the Lyngale Agency, this quarterly publication focuses on fashion, beauty, entrepreneurs, and events of interest to people over 40.  #ThereISLifeAfter40

bold favor magazine

BOLD +P L U S – the Lifestyle Magazine for the Curvy Set.  Founded July 2015, this special edition publication focuses on fashion, relationships, creativity, business, travel and health for the plus-size community.  #LoveYourCurves