The Leadership Division coaches women, already well into their careers, to expand their vision of success to encompass leadership and service, and cultivate their strengths to achieve their leadership and entrepreneurial goals.  This is an intense program that explores image management and branding, individual and group management techniques, business development, and professional and civic engagement.
This division also encompasses the new Entrepreneur Series, an intense training program for entrepreneurs and small business owners that assists them in marketing and expanding their business and personal brands.

The Young 100 Division equips collegiate women with the tools necessary to transition smoothly into a professional setting upon graduation. ELI guides participants through essential skills every leader must master that include conflict management, diversity awareness, environmental scanning, program development and coordination, the role of politics and advocacy, and the fundamentals of finance.

This program energizes and galvanizes members to climb the corporate ladder or take the leap into entrepreneurship.  It is usually facilitated through a collaboration or partnership with a college or university.

The Young Leaders Division instills in high school girls builds upon the fundamental life skills learned in the JEWELLS program to be successful leaders. This program builds leadership skills by immersing teenage girls into a curriculum that explores fundamental skills such as financial stability, social etiquette, conflict resolution, and the importance of leading and serving ones community.  The program also introduces girls to the various career options that are derived from STEAM disciplines.

The Joining Emerging Women Everywhere to Learn Lead and Succeed (JEWELLS) Division introduces in middle school girls to the foundational keys of leadership that include ethics, morality, team building skills, time management and organizational skills.  The program also cultivates interest in disciplines based in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

ELI is dedicated to serving the communities in which our members live and work by providing resources and volunteer effort through collaborative agreements.  Past projects have included training to the Center for Working Families and My Sisters Keeper Foundation for Women.