The Soul Train Took Off and it Was Everything. Did You Ride?

The Soul Train Took Off and it Was Everything. Did You Ride?

It’s the Soooooouuuullllllll Train, and I was in the building on the red carpet for Bold Favor Media Group along with our favorite videographer Toyin Fanina of Two Cameras and a Brush. We got exclusive photos and interviews on some of your favorite celebrities. It was a fantastic red carpet experience and this is going to be a fantastic awards celebration!  Were you watching November 25th on BET?
On Saturday November 17th, some of yours and my favorite celebrities came out to support and attend the 2018 Soul Train Awards and it was a star studded event! We had the opportunity to get up close and personal with celebrities like Donell Jones, Jon B, Kelley Price, Gospel Great Bobby Jones and so many more! Hosted by Tachina Arnold and Tisha Campbell, this awards ceremony was everything!

One of R&B’s Favorites Jon B

We spoke briefly to R&B Diva Kelley Price who looked FABULOUS! She spoke on how you can be great and still celebrate other great artist without envy! She was so excited for Lady of Soul Honoree Faith Evans! You’re right Kelley! Oh how we love her! Thanks for showing Bold Favor some love!

The Talented and Lovely Kelley Price

So happy for R&B Nominee artist “Major” His story is pretty unique. He went from Artist to watch his first Soul Train Awards, to performer and to being a nominee at this years Soul Train Awards. Congratulations! “Now That’s Major!

Nominated Artist Major

I had to show some love for one of my favorite groups Bel Biv Devoe. Not only do I love their music still until this day but I told them that for many groups they are and have become trendsetters. They re-introduced what it looks like to forgive,squash past beef, stick together and keep giving the fans what they want! Shout out to this iconic three-o! Thanks for chatting with Bold Favor Media Group!

Thanks to BET Soul Train for allowing us a chance to cover this amazing awards ceremony.
Check out this short clip of our exclusive Soul Train interviews and make sure you check out our photo gallery. All photo credits from Two Cameras and a Brush Toyin Fadina. Stay connected as we just wrapped up our 4th annual BOLD Awards and it was amazing!
Thanks for stopping by and remember ” The Future Favors the Bold!” Be BOLD!
Article By Media Correspondent Tinzley Bradford.

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